My mission (and I choose to accept it) is to make 26 posts over the next few months, each focusing on a specific topic regarding NBA player salaries or the Collective Bargaining Agreement.  And what better way to approach this task than to use the alphabet as a guide?

So, this page can serve as your springboard to the whole series – just click on the link below for a letter that has been assigned a topic and you’ll be taken to that post.  After a couple of months, all 26 will be available.  Enjoy!

A is for Average Player Salary

B is for Base Year Compensation

C is for Circumvention

D is for Disabled Player Exception

E is for Early Bird Exception

F is for First Round Draft Pick

G is for Guaranteed Contracts

H is for How Many Years?

I is for Incentives

J is for January 10th

K is for Koncak

L is for Larry Bird Exception

M is for Maximum Contract Amount

N is for Non-Bird Exception

O is for Options

P is for Poison Pill Provision Player

Q is for Qualifying Offer

R is for Restricted Free Agents

S is for Sign-and-Trade

T is for Traded Player Exception

U is for Unrenounced Free Agents

V is for Veteran’s Minimum Reimbursement

W is for Waivers

X is for Xavier McDaniel

Y is for Years of Service

Z is for Zach Randolph

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2 responses to “THE ABC’s OF THE CBA

  1. D. Kemp

    Why hasnt the site been updated?? The contrac ts are not updated…Kendrick Perkins extension with OKC, etc.

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