2010-11 Predictions: How did I do?

Back in October, I posted my predictions for the 2010-11 seasonf for each of the 30 NBA teams.   Now that the season is over, it’s time to see how I did.

Here’s a chart showing my predictions, as well as some predictions made in this post over at Blazer’s Edge.  Just for fun, I also included the predictions made by Bill Simmons of ESPN.   To evaluate these predictions, I simply took the difference between the actual number of wins and the predicted number of wins for each team.   Here’s a chart showing the results.

In the end, only Bill Simmons beat me – and he only was 2 ‘points’ better than me.  The overall rankings, showing how many wins off each predictor was, as well as the best and worst prediction for each:

Bill Simmons – 172  (Best pick – Indiana, Worst – Philadelphia)

Me – 174 (Best pick – LA Lakers, Worst – Milwaukee)

thomasikehara – 179 (Best pick – LA Lakers, Worst – Sacramento)

amlmart1 – 181 (Best pick – Golden State & Houston, Worst – Milwaukee and San Antonio)

KnightBlazer – 185 (Best pick – Golden State, Worst – Milwaukee)

jksnake 99 – 186 (Best pick – Atlanta & New York & Houston & Phoenix & Golden State, Worst – Chicago)

BendTenor – 204 (Best pick – New Orleans, Worst – Milwaukee)

MadBlaze – 206 (Best pick – Sacramento, Worst – Denver)

billsfan4life – 208 (Best pick – New Jersey & New Orleans, Worst – Chicago & Philadelphia)

Overall, I feel pretty good about my predictions.  I did much better in predicting the Western Conference than the Eastern Conference, so I probably need to research the East more extensively next time.   It would have been nice to beat Mr. Simmons, but again, it gives me something to work towards next time.

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